Disability studies dq 7 | BEHS 320 | University of Maryland University College

Posted: October 13th, 2021


1. Read the articles on assistive devices, and universally design which can benefit persons with disabilities and help them to integrate into mainstream society, both in school and at work.  Provide an account of the key takeaways that you felt were most important, mentioning in particular barriers and possible solutions for a more enabled community or workplace.

2. What unique assistive device can you come up with? From example, my father made a device to aid his sister who had lost her vision in putting on her socks and stockings. I have noticed that the bus shelter near me is not deep enough to allow a person using a wheelchair to be protected from the elements.  Note: You might want to confer with a persons with a disability to find out what would make their lives easier.)

3. What examples of universal design do you use or have used in the past?

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