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Posted: October 13th, 2021

this assignment is due tomorrow and there is no extra time. 

Use the book attachment starting at page 21 

 Chapter 2: The Silenced Dialogue: Power and Pedagogy in Educating Other People’s Children

In this chapter, Delpit discusses “the silenced dialogue” that she perceives as a persistent and troublesome problem in the American education system. The author relates how nonwhite educators have passionately spoken out about being left out of the conversation concerning how to best educate children of color. Delpit examines the issues that create these complete communication blocks through the lens of her theme, “the culture of power.” 

1.   According to Delpit, what is “the culture of power”?

2.  What are some of the issues that create the communication blocks that the author examines?  How can educators (and society) bridge this gap? 

Use Chapter 2 starting at page 21 ( put page 50 in pdf search bar) to answer the above 2 questions thoroughly.  For full points each question should be answered thoroughly using complete sentences and complete paragraphs as well as text citations to support 

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