Purpose | Literature homework help

Posted: October 13th, 2021

***Doctorate Level Questions***No Plagiarism….Paraphrase the content, and provide Citations and at least TWO Reference Sources for each question provided….Please provide a substantive response for EACH question. Each question should each have a word count of 150 words or more….Please provide appropriate foundational knowledge, be factual, and enhance the dialogue….Please do not recite the same words just to provide word count…. 

Question One

 Synthesize the methodology, design, problem statement, target population, and geographic location to develop a one-sentence purpose statement for your proposed dissertation study. How does the purpose of your study relate to the research problem identified in the problem statement? 

Question Two

 Identify the data sources for the phenomenon/a in your proposed study. How will each data source be used to answer the research questions? Identify and discuss at least one strategy you will use to establish trustworthiness of each data source. Support your justification with citations from peer-reviewed sources. 

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