Workflow redesign | Nursing homework help

Posted: October 13th, 2021

 This module begins with an introduction on the importance of using workflow redesign for quality improvement in a hospital setting that involves developing a project charter which includes twelve area and a workflow design. Workflow analysis is important as it has served nurse administrators well by identifying delays, redundant steps, and nonvalue activities within processes. Performance measures (e.g., turnaround times, process steps, cost per unit of service, and so on) can be trended on control charts for continuous quality improvement programs.  Workflow analysis, conducted through interviews and standard flowcharts fails to capture the dynamic nature and interactive effects of interdependent processes in a complex system.  Workflow charts provide a static map or snapshot of a process but are only the first step in understanding it. 


Discussion Question:

Compare and contrast the need and purpose of creating a project charter before creating a workflow redesign.

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