Business law, assignment for module 2 paper

Posted: October 14th, 2021

Anti-Trust Law are laws developed by the U.S. Government to protect from predatory business practices by ensuring that fair competition exists in an open-market economy. When one company completely controls the market, this is referred to as a monopoly, which is illegal.  

Read the two articles below. Summarize the arguments of both articles. In your view, is Amazon a monopoly? Why or Why not?

This paper must include:

  • A cover page with your name, title of the assignment, and name of the course
  • 1.5 – 2 page body of the paper
  • A reference page

This paper should demonstrate that you have read and comprehend the assigned reading(s) for that week.

Please note: Once uploaded, this submission will be checked for plagiarism via turnitin.

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