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Posted: October 14th, 2021


After a careful review of the lecture narrative and reading assignments of all 4 modules, you should have a clear understanding of teacher licensure preparation. For this discussion assignment, you will make connections to this information and what will be expected of you upon transfer to a university and teacher licensure.

The Prompt

Respond to the following prompt(s) for this module.You have now reached the end of EDU 250 and learned about all things related to Teacher Licensure Preparation in NC. Discuss what excites you and your concerns about the process. Be specific.


Discussion Forum Assignment Guidelines (opens in a new window) successfully complete this discussion assignment, you should refer to the lecture narratives for all 4 modules. You should provide a thoughtful and thorough response to the prompt as well as any print, web, or audio-visual resources in your response to successfully complete the discussion.

Grading Criteria

Your discussion forum posts and replies will be evaluated using this rubric:  Discussion Forum Rubric (MS Word Document) Discussion Forum Rubric (MS Word Document) – Alternative Formats (opens in a new download window)


For a satisfactory score, your initial responses should include specific support from course materials, including any readings, videos, or lecture narratives, your own experiences, or other sources as detailed in the assignment instructions. An appropriate opening response should consider the goals and expectations outlined in the prompt including the considerations listed in the prompt. Post your opening response to the question early in the assignment period so that others have time to respond to you.You should also respond in a substantive way to other students, moving the conversation forward, presenting an alternative viewpoint, or providing additional support for classmates’ ideas.  Supporting information is expected in those responses as well.In addition, you are expected to reply to those who may have responded to your initial postings.  Thorough, conscientious participation throughout the week will be rewarded.

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