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Posted: October 14th, 2021

 Significant Endeavor Essay  Describe your most significant endeavor since attending community college in which you applied your academic or intellectual skills learned through your community college education to benefit your school, community or society. This endeavor may be in community/service learning, in research, in the arts, journalism, advocacy, public affairs, etc. Judges consider originality, initiative, degree of difficulty, results and benefit to society. Consider using measureable terms, steps taken and quantifying the outcome using impact data and numbers. Limit your essay to ONE specific endeavor. Do not include web links or photos in the text box.—- 

The first question the one I sent on the top can be up to 500 words  

* Discussion Question – Academic Achievement and Excellence Describe your commitment to academic excellence. —

This is the second question it can be up to 250 words and

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