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Posted: October 14th, 2021

 1.A Social Learning Theory: Modeling/Learning by Imitation definition and function: Inhibition/ disinhibition, responde facilitication, and observational learning.

2.A Social Learning Theory: Modeling/Learning by Imitation that you have seen in your work with children (or workplace or from your own experience as a student) that applies the corresponding theoretical construct or research concept (do not use the examples from readings/modules). If you have not worked with children, you may describe a scene from a movie. Keep in mind that the goal is not to merely provide an example of a concept (e.g., assimilation), but an example of the real application of it (e.g., how a teacher may use assimilation to help children learn a new concept). Every reading has a section on applications, so focus on those sections. The example should show how a practitioner or adult, knowingly or not, is putting that concept into practice. There should be as many entries as members in the group. Depending on the number of group members, after having completed all the different examples, there may be two examples for one of the concepts. I will grade the group discussion forum posts for thoroughness and timeliness, not correctness, which is why peer input is critical. 

  1. Provide a rationale about how each example illustrates the corresponding concept by connecting it to the reading (use in-text citations in APA format and page numbers) AND how it was useful or could have been useful in guiding practice.  

The analysis is typically done in one or two paragraphs, but make sure to use the sandwich, lasagna or tres leches approach. 

  • The first layer indicates the concept for which you will provide an example of its application. Start by briefly summarizing the concept using in-text citations (with page numbers). Without this step, it is like starting a movie halfway: you know something is happening, but you don’t know the context of the story. 
  • The second layer consists of the actual example (in detail). Remember, this is not an example of the concept, but an example of how practitioners use it or may have failed to use their knowledge of the concept. Here is where I am hoping you will get the usefulness of knowing about these concepts, because they materialize in practice.  
  • The last layer consists of connecting the first two parts and describing to the reader (me 😉 why this is a good example of the application (i.e., the rationale). Here you go in detail about the concept and the example. If you don’t take this step, you make the reader do the analysis for you and it is unclear whether you got the concept right. This step is crucial and allows me to correct misconceptions. Also, if I have to guess why you chose that example and I think it is a good example, then I should get the “A”, but I want you all to get it, not m

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