Geoscience critical assignment | Geology homework help

Posted: October 15th, 2021


There will be a final assignment due at the end of the session. The assignment involves choosing a Geosciences topic from the content of the class and writing a research paper on that topic. The paper should include the following items: 

  • The paper effectively summarizes and reports all the findings of three journal articles that revolve around the chosen topic. 
  • The paper is written in APA format and the student should cite at least five references including the three required journal articles. 
  • The student should reflect on the topic subjectively based on the information acquired in the class with at least 1-2 paragraphs. 
  • The student integrates a biblical discussion of the geosciences topic into their term paper.


 Processes of moisture formation, clouds and precipitation. Weather patterns and sever storms


the origins of modern astronomy, the characteristics of our solar system and properties of light, telescopes and the sun.   


Examine the atmosphere, its composition, structure and temperature. Describe air pressure and wind along with the factors that affect it.


Examine the extent and distribution of oceans and the ocean surface currents and their importance.


 Examine principles of geologic time and the earth’s evolution through geologic time.  


 Describe the mechanism and effects of major earthquakes and the earth’s interior. Discuss volcanism and the factors that determine the nature of volcanic eruptions.  


 Examine the formation of glaciers, wind erosion and deposition of sand. Examine the theory of plate tectonics in detail.      

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