Pre-writing for essay on literature/ 1-2 pages/ homegoing/ summaries

Posted: October 15th, 2021

Produce a 1-2 page Pre-writing for a potential 5-page essay for this novel (Homegoing) – 12-HOURS TURNAROUND


Novel – Homegoing – Yaa Gyasi

You will find Literature Summaries here


Google other summaries


a. By writing Homegoing, what historical truths is Yaa Gyasi hoping to share with readers?

b. In the context of the novel, who do you think is more deceptive: the British, the Fante, or the Asante?

c. In Homegoing, why does Quey feel compelled to hide the truth about his sexual orientation?


Yaa Gyasi | ‘When we use words like ‘institutionalized racism’, what does that mean?’ – 

‘Homegoing’ raises impossible questions about the legacy of slavery – 

I’m Ghanaian-American. Am I Black? – Yaa Gyasi – 


Purpose: Students will be able to use their reading, writing,     critical thinking, and research skills as they analyze the theme of truth     and lies in Homegoing by Yaa     Gyasi.

Tone: The tone of this assignment should be formal and     academic.

Language: The diction and syntax of this assignment should be formal     and academic. Students should not use second person pronouns (you/your),     contractions, abbreviations, slang, or any type of casual language.     Students should refer to the diction and syntax guidelines in the writing     packet.

Audience: The audience of this assignment is the student’s peers     and instructor.

Format: MLA style (double spaced, 1 in. margins, Times New     Roman 12 font, pagination, heading, title, tab for each paragraph, in-text     citations, Works Cited page, hanging indents, etc.)



(Students should create a BRIEF outline, graphic organizer, or some other type of pre-writing for their essay.)


I. Introduction

A. Device:

B. General discussion:

C. Quote + citation + analysis:

D. Thesis statement:

Example of how it should be written


Financial stress is a major problem in today’s society. In fact, the author of one source stated that “___________________________________________________________________” (_________). This quote really shows how __________________________________________

____________________________________________________________________________. I can really relate to this quote because _______________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________________. This was a difficult time in my life, and I ___________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________________. Many researchers have spent considerable time examining the issue of financial stress. According to this research, financial stress ___________________________________________


II. Body

A. Main Idea:

B. Main Idea:

C. Main Idea:

III. Conclusion

A. Transition:

B. Device:

C. Quote + citation + analysis:

D. Summary of main ideas

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