Wop3 1 1 | Geology homework help

Posted: October 15th, 2021

WOP3 Coral Reef Degradation Instructions ( in the document ) 

WOP3 is SO important, I can hardly state it enough; what would we think of ourselves if we were really and truly responsible for the complete loss of the world’s coral reefs? That may be overstating the case, but right now, the evidence for loss of coral reefs is not pretty at all. Please read the Instructions file, research through your text and the links provided (plus any other resources that you choose), and start your postings here!

Your first posting on this Discussion will be a Reply to this Introduction. Label your first reply with your first and last names and the number and title of your topic. Then watch the discussion for replies by your colleagues. Pick at least any two, and ask at least one question for each. You need not wait for colleagues to reply to your post. Put the name of your colleague at the top of each of these posts.

 You are welcome to add (embed) an image of your topic, but please, just one image per student!

 Don’t forget to cite your resources, and be sure that your replies add substance to the discussion. It isn’t sufficient to simply congratulate a colleague for how ‘nice’ their post is! You need to ask questions about the topic, or ask for more information.

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