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Posted: October 18th, 2021

MODULE 6 Discussion Forum

In this module the topic is conservation and the social sciences. It should be apparent by now that as social scientists, anthropologists are going to examine conservation in terms of explicit and implicit cultural and social issues. Some take this mandate further than others. Kottak (1999) for example has argued that “people must come first”. But does putting people ahead of plants, animals and soil place anthropologists in conflict with conservationists?  In the lecture we examine the history of different conservation models across the world through the lens of political ecology with a particular focus on Africa. 

After you have viewed the lecture and completed your reading and viewing please answer the question below. We suggest you write 160-200 words for your forum post. And the posts are due prior to your tutorial this week.

please read the article carefully before answering the Question below: 

What are the “myriad social factors and complications” in orangutan conservation as described in Chua et al?

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