Trivia forum rubric | Geology homework help

Posted: October 18th, 2021

The Trivia forum is a place where students post mini written reports and find a warm introduction to each week’s new topics and highlights, including information on current geologic events that are mentioned in the news. The Trivia forum is a great place to pose questions pertaining to that week’s topic. Forums provide an opportunity for written communication and interaction with classmates and your instructor. All iLearn forums will open for the second week of class.

Engage in easy conversation about geologic hazards to earn added science discussion credit! Students may earn participation credit for posting: (1) a mini report that provides an answer to a posted question, or (2) a mini report followed by a relevant geology question. This is an all-semester long project. Students may post anytime between 1 February and 3 May. Students are NOT required to tune in and post every week. Please see the rubric on iLearn for important guidance. This policy allows students to skip forums during illness, travel, or personal reasons without consequence. Only (15) total participation points are necessary for an A in this semester-long activity, and each post can earn as many as 5 points. If partial credit is earned on a post, it’s okay to post again to earn more points! This will provide ample opportunities for everyone to earn a perfect score and shine! 🙂 The total number needed for an A in participation this semester is 15 points.

Please take caution that contributions contain NEW information. Questions added to the Trivia forum must begin with a mini report and ask about the geologic or scientific details of a specific geologic hazard. Comments that contain information / questions / answers already posted by another student will not achieve a score. Posts that contain negative material or reworded homework questions will be deleted.

Hello everyone! 

Please read this grading information correctly, so you can score big with the fewest posts. If partial credit is earned on a post, it’s okay to post again to earn more points! The total number needed for an A in participation this semester is 15 points.

Posts can consists of a answers to questions or questions. When posting answers, I suggest responding to an unanswered question, whenever possible. If a question already has responses, it will be more challenging to create a unique post that earns full credit. For this reason, unanswered questions are the low-hanging fruit. 🙂

Here’s a grading rubric for all posts:


Maximum Points Possible

Post offers a mini-report (6 sentences minimum) on a hazardous geologic event / or topic that is also covered in this course, (Please see syllabus for the list.)

Report focuses on geology as a science and discusses the geologic concepts and fundamental principles at play during the event. 


Post either ends with a conceptual question or accurately answers a geologic question. 

If the question is already answered by student, post can creatively take the discussion in a new but related geologic direction.


Post adds new unique geologic information (not previously mentioned in the forum). 

Please be careful to not reiterate points mentioned by an earlier post.


Post includes a list of references (urls) for geologic information discussed. It is very important to give credit to your sources!


Post includes a photograph or diagram and explains it. Post includes a caption for the photo or diagram.


Total possible for each answer posted


To learn how many points each of your posts earned, please navigate back to your post and view the score. Please read my comments, if present. You will have the opportunity to make up missed points by completing your post.

The number in the iLearn gradebook will be the sum total of all points earned by GRADED posts so far. Grading happens incrementally. The current gradebook score may exclude some posts that will be graded in the near future.

If you’d like to earn more points, simply make another post! An unlimited number of posts are possible. Extra points do not earn extra credit, however.

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