Volcano assignment | Geology homework help

Posted: October 18th, 2021


Please watch the “I Lava You” short cartoon. I have provided a link on Blackboard. After you have watched the film please tell me what is realistic about it and what is not. I DO NOT WANT TO READ ABOUT THE ANTHROPOMORPHIC UNLIKELINESS OF A VOLCANO. I know that volcanoes do not sing.

· Take note of the type of song. It is a Hawaiian style, so it makes sense that the story is about the Hawaiian Islands. RESEARCH THE HAWAIIAN ISLANDS!!!

· What is the tectonic setting (the way that these islands are formed)?

· Make note of what kind of volcanoes are illustrated and where they are located. Is this the type of volcano that you should expect in this area?

· What kind of lava flow would you expect?

· Tell me about what may have led up to the beginning of the film and what may happen in the future

Please feel free to take some creative license with your work. 

Please you any resources available to you including your book and the internet. If you use the web, list all of the websites used (avoid Wikipedia).

This is not a group assignment. Please do not work together; I want to see your own ideas. 

This assignment should be no less than one page and no longer than three.

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