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Posted: October 25th, 2021


Compose a 400-600 word (minimum of 3 references) comprehensive summary of the main challenges for Christian educators in the field of Earth science, particularly regarding challenges between science and faith. While providing an overview of the challenges, also focus on one or two Earth science topics regarded as controversies by some Christians; as examples, some Christians disagree with others and with mainstream geologists about Earth age, radiometric dating, Creation Week, Noah’s Flood, the geologic column, and so on; also, Scripture contains some puzzles such as Joshua’s “long day.” Do not discuss biological evolution, which belongs in a biology course. You may draw from all presentations and entries on Discussion Boards throughout the course — this may enable you to reduce or avoid research using outside sources; if you use material from posts by other students, provide proper citations; all outside sources must be properly cited. Be sure to acknowledge and deal with a range of viewpoints, or at least more than one, rather than presenting a one-sided perspective. Too often writers engage in advocacy, drawing from only one side of a debate, and fail to engage multiple points of view. Due on Tuesday in Unit 7 (you may submit it earlier if you like).

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