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Posted: November 15th, 2021

3) Nearly 80 percent of prisoners are high school drop outs. Georgia Corrections provides offenders with their first step in their educational journey. Which is assisting offenders with obtaining their GED. The educators and staff made it possible for 19 students to graduate with their GED. Once the offenders complete the GED program they are eligible to obtain a vocational certification for programs like welding, manufacturing, restaurant management, custodial maintenance  . Georgia correctional Center also offer clinical and mental health services  The main objective of the Georgia Correctional Center is to build valuable life skills and to prepare offenders for society while maintaining safety and security .

4)The tweet I selected was from the California Corrections Department and it covered how there was 17 incarcerated individuals graduating from the program they have in prison called, Offender Mentor Certification Program, this program prepares them to get jobs as certified drug and alcohol counselors upon their release from prison. This is such an amazing program for them, not only will they help others that are in similar situations they were once in, they will also be reminded why they should never go back to that and it will make them stay on the right path to sobriety and a successful future. 

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