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Posted: November 15th, 2021


During the semester you will be studying a variety of technological topics that are
important in enterprise settings. Some of you may work with organizations where
some of these technologies are deployed. Others of you may have an interest in
learning more about a particular topic or technology. This research project will
give you the opportunity to conduct a deep-dive analysis into a topic area that
interests you. Topic areas to consider include:
• Online Learning
• Cyber Security
• Artificial Intelligence
• Automation/Robotics
• Enterprise Systems Management
• Universal Broadband Connectivity
• Cloud Computing
• Mobile Computing
• IP Television/Streaming Services
• 5G Cellular
• Data Privacy
• Total Experience (customer/employee/user)
• Work From Anywhere
• Internet of Things
• Internet of Behaviors
• Data Science/Analytics
• Full Stack Development
• Edge Computing
• Blockchain
• Autonomous Driving
• Human Augmentation
• Medical Technology
• Quantum Computing
• Wearable Technology

If you have another idea for a topic that isn’t closely related to one of the above,
send me an email and let’s explore the possibility together.
Here are the details for this assignment:
1) You will author a 12-15 page research paper1
2) The work must be your own. Quoted material must be carefully cited.
Please know that I will utilize several tools to verify originality of your work
(Safe Assign and others).
3) The paper must follow the APA editorial style – this includes both the
format of the paper as well as the citation list.
4) You should narrow the scope of your subject. Topics like “The Internet”,
“Computer Security”, or “Local Area Networks” are much too broad to be
covered in a scant 12-15 pages. Focus on a specific aspect of the
5) Remember that research is usually done to solve a problem or answer a
question. Write from this perspective. How were things done before the
technology was available? How can the technology be used to solve or
improve a business process? What are some of the key take-aways from the
technology that your reader will want to know?
6) Assume that your reader is a senior manager – and not an IT professional.
This means you’ll need to carefully establish the context for your project,
explain things clearly, and make a ‘business case’ for the technology.
7) Use figures and tables appropriately in your document. Remember that
every element must add value to your paper.
8) A minimum of five sources must be used and cited in your paper. Excellent
papers will typically draw from more sources.
9) Strong introductions and conclusions are key elements in a paper, but are
often overlooked. Conclusions are commonly neglected. One of the skills
we are developing in graduate school is effective communication.
Remember to invest time on the front and back ends of your paper!
10) Have fun with this project. I know that writing a research paper can be a lot
of work, but it’s also an opportunity for you to develop some expertise on a
particular technology. Is there something you could do for your employer?
Is there an industry you’d like to move into and want to learn more?
1 Note: title pages, abstracts, references, dedicat

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