Writing the scope statement | Architecture and Design homework help

Posted: November 15th, 2021

 Based on lecture materials for course thus far and the template provided on the next pages,  create a scope statement for your individual case study project. As with earlier deliverables, use  a business writing style where applicable, and do not assume the audience of this scope  statement has read previous project documentation.  HINT: this scope statement incorporates requirements documentation, which means you will list  the requirements (project, technical and any regulatory requirements) for your case study  project in this document. As we saw in course unit 3, writing requirements is challenging and  could take some time! My hint is to start sooner rather than later.  As with your other written assignments, this assignment is to be completed individually.  Requirements:  Use the “Scope Statement Template Outline” template to complete the assignment  and submit to Blackboard.   Please follow APA guidelines (proper margins, double-spaced, Times New Roman font,  12-point font).   Use APA citation format and include a reference/works cited page when necessary.  Writing should be clear, concise, and well organized. Thoughts should be expressed in  a logical manner.  The writing should be free of spelling, grammar errors with excellent sentence /  paragraph construction.   The outline template should be 4 pages maximum in length including reference  page/work cited page. 

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