5 page apa needed or 3/8/2018

Posted: November 16th, 2021


This is a 5 page APA paper with in text citations – Abstract and reference page do not count toward the paper. Assessment of  the case should be in the abstract

1. What actions did each organization take or not take that contributed to the outcomes for children? Consider how each organization approached (or did not approach) assessment, prevention, intervention, and evaluation.  

2. Provide what balls got dropped and by whom – who is the blame or both and in what ways

3. Research,  argue and prove the case

4. Provide recommendations to the Commissioner – How would you answer this question for the commissioner today- At the end of the case study, what are the most important actions for the Commissioner of DSS to take and why? 

5. Apply at least one ethical framework you used to reach your conclusions based on the supporting evidence.  ( you can use A Utilitarian Perspective)

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