Art quiz 5: texture | Architecture and Design homework help

Posted: November 16th, 2021


1. Draw an example of an invented texture. [4 pt]

2. Draw an example of a simulated texture creating illusion of space (Trompe L’oeil) and write

down the surface that it is simulating. [4 pt]

3. You run your fingers over a piece of wood and feel tiny splinters. Is the wood physical or visual

texture? [2 pt]

4. You run your fingers over a photograph of sandpaper. Is the photograph physical or visual

texture of sandpaper? [2 pt]

5. If physical texture is also called “actual” texture, another term for visual texture is

_________________________ texture. [4 pt]

6. Using variations in SIZE, DENSITY, and ORIENTATION, draw the following: [2 pt each]

Textures that EXPAND ACTIVELY in space

in various sizes and density

Textures that CONTRACT and RECEDE in

space in various sizes and density

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