Assignment 400 words any two movies of from the same director

Posted: November 16th, 2021

 Based on our class from Wednesday, Sep. 16, Chapter 11 of The Art of Watching Films (PDF under Course Materials) and other material related to “Director’s Style” posted on Blackboard, write a short essay after comparing 2 movies of your choice from the same director (it could be Pulp Fiction and any other Tarantino’s film, or Y tu mamá también and any other Cuaron’s film.

Since Looking at Movies presents the director as the head of the film project and the artist behind every accomplishment (or failure) achieved by the film, your essay should focus on the similar decisions taken by the director in both films about the different aspects of the creative process: from the story, the themes, the casting, the situations, etc.

Remember: you don’t need to tell me the plot of these movies.

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