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Posted: November 16th, 2021

View the three videos on SAP, which you can access via MindTap Module 11.  The videos are: 

  • Conversational ERP – Lesson 1 – What is ERP?  — (15 min)
  • What is SAP:  The Absolute Beginners Guide – (25 min)
  • What is SAP? Why do we need ERP? Beginner Tutorial – (8 min)

Answer the questions in a paper format listed below:1) Who is the Company, SAP?  What services do they provide?  In answering this question, also, list how many large companies use SAP and where (in the world) SAP is used?  List the names of three or more companies which use SAP. 2)Why should you care about SAP, as a business professional? Describe two jobs requiring usage of SAP that might be of interest to you?  Why? 3)What is ERP and the Manufacturing Planning Challenge?   After viewing all three videos, describe how Information, Materials, and Cash flow in a business? 4)Describe how the videos relate to specific topics in the textbook.  Cite at least three examples. 

5) How could a possible minor or major in MIS benefit your career?You should answer the five listed questions, in a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 format.Before submitting the paper, first, you should upload this paper to the Revision Link, to ensure that there is no more than 25% plagiarism.  Once you have determined that the answers to the questions are ready to be submitted, upload them (herein) to this assignment link. 

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