High school forensic science questions

Posted: November 16th, 2021

Review Questions

1. What are the four types of evidence in a criminal investigation?

2. What are individual characteristics? Give an example of an individual characteristic?

3. What is the difference between individual characteristics and class characteristics?

4. What are physical and chemical properties? Give an example of each.

5. What do forensic scientists do to collect and preserve soil samples?

Critical Thinking Questions

1. Why do you think forensic scientists are so careful that the tests they do are sensitive, reproducible, and specific? What might happen if they were less careful about this?

2. Which type of evidence do you think is most useful in an investigation? Why?

3. Why do you think that forensic scientists continue to look for class characteristics given their limitations?

4. What do you think would be some of the challenges in collecting and preserving impressions? Why?

5. If you were on a jury, do you think you would expect individual characteristics in the evidence? Why or why not? What effects might it have if individuals expect to have individuals characteristics presented?

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