Land use and society by rutherford platt (chapters 4-6)

Posted: November 16th, 2021


Write a paragraph in response to each of the following questions. Be sure to indicate the assignment number and your name at the top of your paper (or the TA will have trouble giving you credit). 

  1. Describe the rise of public health/sanitary systems, urban redevelopment and beautification, and utopian “new towns” in the 19th How did these trends provide the basis for 20th century planning and zoning? 
  2. Explain the factors leading to the explosive growth of American cities in the first third of the 20th Century.
  3. Platt uses his “land use and society model” to explain the London Fire and resulting policy changes (p. 87) and the rise of 19th Century public health reforms (p. 105). Select two other policy developments that you have read about in Platt or Nash. Write a paragraph for each of those developments, using the land use and society model to explain the developments.
  4. Pick one of the works by Ellison, Fitzgerald, Riis, Caillebotte, or Gershwin and trace how the rise in American urbanism is represented in that work.

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