Lecture question set #5 | Political Science homework help

Posted: November 16th, 2021

Worth 10 points.

  • Answer the following short answer questions in short paragraphs comprised of complete sentences. 
  • Format: Create a Word Document, with your name, course number, and date.
    • The answers should be in your own words, double spaced and in times new roman font 12.
    • If you use outside sources to complete your answers, then site the source to avoid plagiarism through the use of in-text citations and in a separate Works Cited page. Otherwise cite my lectures as these will definitely show up in Turnitin’s similarity report. 
    • Copying from the textbook or cutting and pasting sections from websites or other reference materials or presenting someone else’s ideas as your own is plagiarism and will not be tolerated and will result in zero (0) points for that assignment. 
    • Submit the finished Questions by submitting them via the Turnitin link below.

-1 After Cold War what did US foreign policy makers determine were the new threats facing the United States? What where these threats?

-2 How did the perspectives of Latin American civilian elites on the left and on the right of the political spectrum change regarding their view of democracy?

-3 Which process towards democratization in Latin America did you find interesting and why?

-4 Besides the genocide of indigenous peoples in the Americas as a result of the European Conquests, where in the Americas did a genocide take place in the 1930s and why?

-5 What is a Security Community and why is Latin America regarded as a Security Community?

********extra information 

In the Peter H. Smith book, the information is in Smith, Chapter 9 pgs. 205-209 & Chapter 11

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