Project scheduling | Business & Finance homework help

Posted: November 16th, 2021


1. Refer to exercise 9 in chapter 6, analyze the data provided in the diagram – SEE ATTACHED.

Using Microsoft Project, compute the project network diagram and proper timing to complete the project. Address all required information in the description presented in exercise 9. 

In addition, respond to the following questions:

a. Determine which tasks are on the critical path. How long will it take to complete the project.

b. A task that is on the critical path for this project has increased by 7 days. Will the project end date be delayed? If so, by how much?

(Place your responses into a Microsoft Word file)  

2. Complete Chapter 6, Exercise 18 – SEE ATTACHED.

Use Microsoft Project and create a project schedule based on the information provided in the problem.  Will the project be completed in 45 weeks?  In your Microsoft Project file, insert a text box in the Gantt bar area (go to FORMAT – DRAWING – TEXT BOX) and place your response in the text box.

Submit your Microsoft Word file and your two Microsoft Project files. 


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