Topic title: learning | PSYC 1001 – Introduction to Psychology | Walden University

Posted: November 16th, 2021


Select either a lecture or discussion topic that will be the basis of your instruction plan for a 1-hour, in-person lecture or discussion and a planned activity. For the lecture plan, the activity should be one that a class of 200 students can complete during the lecture in an introduction to psychology course. If you choose to have a discussion-based class, plan your activity for 25 students. What elements do you think are important to address in terms of content and activities? What class atmosphere are you trying to develop, and how will this discussion or lecture add to that development? You also create a PowerPoint presentation that will accompany your discussion or lecture. 

Your instruction plan should be in Times New Roman, 12-point font, and double spaced. It should detail the following:

· A description of the design of the class (e.g., 200-student lecture or 25-student discussion section)

discussion-based class, plan your activity for 25 students.

· A summary of the introductory psychology topic you selected

· An explanation of how much of the one hour allotted for this instruction is being designated for lecture/presentation, discussion, activity, question and answer, and closing comments

· An explanation of the rationale based on learning theories examined in the course 

· An explanation of the activity (or strategies) used to engage students in the lecture or discussion topic

Include citations as to where you retrieved the information and references.

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