Antibiotic resistance | Biology homework help

Posted: November 17th, 2021


1. Read the information and the graph carefully and answer the given prompts.

2. Each response should be at least 2 sentences. Your response should be in your own words and not a copied from the reading material.

3. Total available points 10. 

4. Upload your responses as a word doc. Please do not upload PDF.

5. Your submission file should have your name and assignment name in the header. See attached example. Failure to do so will result in deduction of 1 point

6. Name your file to upload using this convention StudentFullname_name of assigment

For example SampurnaSattar_AntibioticResistance

Failure to do so will result in deduction of 1 point 

7. Deadline for submission April 29 11:59PM


1. What similarities and differences do you notice between the two graphs? (total point available 2)

2. Which antibiotics were the most successful at killing the cave bacteria? Which were the least successful? What evidence supports your claims? (total available point 2)

3. Does this data support a hypothesis that some resistance genes evolved in bacteria that weren’t exposed to modern antibiotics? Why or why not? (total points available 2)

4.  How many of the 26 antibiotics successfully killed 100% of the bacterial strains (both Gram-positive and Gram-negative)? What does this make you think about our ability to fight infections with our current arsenal of antibiotics? (total available points 2)

5. Thinking about the cellular features that antibiotics target, why do you think that antibiotics only harm bacterial cells and not your own human cells? (total available points 2)

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