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Posted: November 17th, 2021

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Please follow the instructor carefully. All the questions and source are attached below.

Discussion Board – Labor Unions and Working Conditions for Employees

Discussion Board Instructions:

1. Read the three sources:

The Knights of Labor, “Early Efforts at Labor Organizing” located in the America Firsthand textbook.

Pauline Newman et al., “Conditions at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company” located in the America Firsthand textbook.

 Download the article located here and in this week’s module. 


2. Write a minimum of five paragraphs, (five sentences minimum for each paragraph),  based on the primary sources and address the sources in the order they are listed above . Address all sources by utilizing quotes from sources with in-text footnote citations to back your contentions and provide evidence

Important Note: A standard academic essay has an introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs. Each paragraph is a minimum of five sentences each although that is only a minimum and in order to write a thorough essay, the submission will need to go beyond the minimum.

After reading the primary sources answer the following questions within the essay.

1. Why were unions needed in the 1800s?

2. What were workers asking for in their work conditions?

3. Were the Knights of Labor’s demands met by the time the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire occurred?

4. Have we as a society achieved all the goals early unions set for the working class or do we still have inequity and unfairness in the workplace today?

5. If after reading the sources you feel society is still falling short with working conditions for employees, mention the areas of improvement you think still need to be achieved. 

6. With regard to a response to one student, articulate why you agree or disagree with their analysis of the sources and final conclusion using your own analysis of the evidence to support your contentions. Replies require a substantive response at least a paragraph in length (five sentences is the minimum length in a paragraph). Please refer to the Discussion Board Instructions Overview



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