Qgis tutorials | Geography homework help

Posted: November 17th, 2021

The QGIS tutorials are important in gaining practical experience with open source GIS software. These tutorials allow the students to put concepts from the lectures into practice. include a short written document (about a half page) Define and describe the GIS concepts stressed within the tutorial. Which parts of the tutorial were difficult? Why? How can you use this new knowledge for another situation? Your grade for the tutorial assignments will be based on completeness, which will be demonstrated by the student’s final maps. 3 The tutorials are located in the school’s shared folder. You are required to complete the following tutorials: 

Week 1: Chapter 1: An Overview of GIS 

• Making a Map 

Week 2: Chapter 2: Exploring the Interface 

• Basic Vector Styling 

• Digitizing Basics 

• Working with Attributes 

• Raster Styling and Analysis 

• Raster Mosaicing and Clipping

• Working with Terrain 

Week 3: Chapter 3: Geographic Analysis 

• Georeferencing Basics 

• Advanced Georeferencing 

• Performing Spatial Joins 

• Importing Spreadsheets CSV 

• Performing Table Joins 

• Points in Polygon 

• Creating Heatmaps 

• Performing Spatial Queries 

• Nearest Neighbor Analysis 

• Downloading OSM Data 

• Working with WMS

Week 4: Chapter 4: Thematic Mapping 

• Working with Projections 

  QGIS Tutorials and Tips and accompanying data sets at: https://www.qgistutorials.com/en/index.html 

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