Approaches to data mining | IT 684 | Central Washington University

Posted: November 18th, 2021

Your job is to analyze the data using at least three of the methods that you have reviewed in this competency which are as follows:

1. Introduction to Basics

2. Vectors

3. Matrices

4. Factors

5. Data Frames

6. Lists

You choose the method based on the data, the scenario, and what you want to get out of the data set. Your grade will be based on the complexity and completeness of the analysis. 

You are to prepare a 5+ page report (much of this will be graphics) with a cover page (not one of your pages) that describes the scenario, details your analysis methods, and documents your findings.

Here is another option:  Do the same assignment but do it on your own dataset – perhaps something from your workplace that is relevant to your day-to-day duties.  Again, describe the relevance of the data, the analysis methods that you used, and your findings.

Data Set and Option #1 – Charles Book Club

For a description of this data file and analysis, see section 21.1 on page 499. Ignore the assignment on page 504. 

Data Set and Option #2 – Voter Persuasion

For a description of this data file and analysis, see section 21.4 starting on page. Ignore the assignment on page 516.

Option #3 – Use your own data file and scenario.

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