Earth science……. please read….. due in 12 hours……

Posted: November 18th, 2021

this is due in 12 hours….. must have done in time…. no late work…. 

do the following:  (based on earth science/ weather climate)

Your initial reply will include a 300 word summary of a human action that is impacting climate change. Read the objectives below as you formulate your summary.

Label the parts of the climate system.

Argue how humans are affecting and affected by climate change.

Analyze why rising sea level is one of the foremost hazards in a changing climate.

Defend the evidence for a changing climate in the Arctic environment.

 You will need to post one example of climate change evidence.  There are many examples of both humans affecting Earth’s climate and general climate change; burning fossil fuels, agricultural growth, groundwater uses, air pollution, cattle and methane, etc.  Research one example  for the first post 


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