Excel and powerpoint bme assignment (easy)

Posted: November 18th, 2021

 this is a biomedical engineering class, we have to do research of the different universities of BME department research, basically each student will just collect information from 50 professors. We have 5 different subtopics: Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Tissue Engineering, Bioinstrumentation, Bioimaging. You will have 10 professors for each subtopic, so totally you should have 50 professors. 

When you present, you will present by subtopics. For example, you will first present subtopic Biomaterials, then you will tell the class who are these 10 professors that work in Biomaterials, and what each professor is working on (using two to three plain sentences so that the class can understand what they are doing. Please don’t read from the website.). Then you go to the second subtopic. And so on.

For the excel report, you can copy/paste professor’s research interests. So, me the first 10 university from this link http://colleges.startclass.com/d/o/Bioengineering-… , 

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