Literary analysis paper | Literature homework help

Posted: November 18th, 2021

7 page literary analysis paper



Reading Skills 

Demonstrate detailed knowledge of a literary text, such as aspects of plot and character; draw inferences from what the text states that are consistent with the text’s other details and help explain it as a whole; demonstrate some awareness of how translated terms and linguistic and cultural change affect the text’s meaning; identify key passages from which arguments can be developed. 

Criticism Skills 

Skills in Observation: 

Examine closely literary texts of varying length, genre, and complexity; describe them in literary terms appropriate to the ancient and medieval era; 

Skills in Analysis and Synthesis: 

Compare and contrast literary texts; construct meaningful correlations between a literary text and the historical and cultural milieu of the ancient and medieval era; draw meaningful connections between the ancient and contemporary worlds. 

Argumentation Skills, Written and Oral 

Formulate thoughtful questions about a literary text; construct strong arguments about the text and substantiate them by close analysis of textual evidence. 

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