Networking and itil | Engineering homework help

Posted: November 18th, 2021


Create a 2-3-page report on the following topics.

You are the Manager of a company and you need to impress the importance of Networking and the ITIL Certification to the President. You understand that Networking and the ITIL Certification is very important for professionals in the IT industry as it is a way of developing one’s career, providing more understanding about the value of the certification and in developing and maintaining a professional, leadership focus.

There are some very popular free professional networking sites such as LinkedIn® or Monster® and many people use them to network.  

However, you believe that there are alternatives to free sites which are professional organizations and associations of industry professionals focused on some aspect of IT. These organizations provide benefits, training, have clearly focused missions, and promote professionalism and leadership, but they often have membership fees.

You desire to provide a compelling report to the president on how these organizations promote leadership within the industry and amongst their membership and on the value of the ITIL Certification.

You do some research on the Internet and find a potential list of IT organizations: 

  • Association of Information Technology Professionals
  • Association for Computing Machinery
  • Network Professional Association
  • TechAmerica™

You review the organizations for the following criteria: the code of conduct, ethics statements, membership fees, benefits and mission statements you found in your search (mentioned above). You are open to conducting additional research to find one which meets the criteria. At the end of the search, you decide to choose one of the organizations for further review.

After reviewing the professional social network websites above, you do the following:

  1. Identify the organization of your choice and provide an overview of the ITIL Certification.
    1. List the name of the organization and stress why the organization was your top choice.
    2. Explain why the ITIL Certification would add value to your career and be beneficial to an IT professional.
    3. Include the cost of the ITIL Certification.
  2. You identify the costs and benefits of the organization membership and discuss whether the cost of becoming a member in the professional association of your choice provides more benefits than joining one of the free networking sites, such as LinkedIn® or Monster®?
  3. You include the following in your report:
    1.  An explanation of how the code of conduct for the organization of your choice and the ITIL service management could contribute to your understanding of your social responsibilities were you to become a member of the organization.
    2. A clear contrast to a free networking site.
    3. A brief discussion of the way(s) in which the organization you picked provides leadership to the industry and for its members.
    4. A brief discussion of how the key concepts of Service Management combined with networking skills could improve project success, add value to your career and be beneficial to an IT professional
    5. Your opinion on why your company should choose the organization you picked and why the company should include the ITIL Certification for IT professionals.

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