Reflection paper | Engineering homework help

Posted: November 18th, 2021


For this assignment, I want you to reflect on what you learned about yourselves as public speakers, as civil engineers, and as human beings for your field.  Please address the following in a 2 page paper:

1. What did you learn about yourselves as civil engineers?  What were areas of weaknesses and strengths did your discover about your public speaking skills? 

2.  What new information did you learn about your personality types?

3.  What do you think you can improve upon when you leave this class?

4. What do you think you did really well in?

5. Describe new skills you learned?

6. How will you be ethical in your field to ensure the safety of your clients and ensure that the group you manage is being led in the right direction?  What types of leadership skills will you implement?

7.  Why is writing in a technical way so important for your field?

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