Social studies 8th grade | Government homework help

Posted: November 18th, 2021

 **** This is a 8th grader assignment, therefore, nothing to elaborate please.

In the previous tasks, you’ve analyzed three early documents that influenced the creation of the Constitution and the decisions about how the national government would be structured. Now, your task is to construct a response to the central historical question using evidence from the sources to defend your claim:

In what ways did the documents that helped create the Constitution and found our nation, shape the government we have today?

In your response please use information from the documents in this module and your understanding of how the United States government is structured (think of the three branches of government at the national level–SOL 6a) and how it relates to the people. You should review the rubric below before crafting your response to ensure you know what to include. It might also be helpful to review the rubric prior to submitting to ensure it includes all the necessary elements. 

You can type your final response into the text entry box below or upload the response in a Microsoft Word document.


1. Use only the documents in this module that you’ve read Document A,B,C as evidence for your claim. 

-Charters of the VA Company of London (task 1 document A)

-Declaration of Independence (task 2 document B)

-Articles of Confederation (task 3 document C )

2. Think about and review the structure and powers of our national government–three branches of government and what each branch does  (SOL 6a notes) to help you answer the question.

3. Take an idea from each document to include as evidence for your claim. 

i.e.: Articles of Confederation— there was only the legislative body (congress). With the U.S. Constitution, there are 3 branches of government and each has it’s own powers/responsibilities. 

Look at the rubric, try your best. Once again, your response is scored according to the rubric given, it is not a grade.

**** This is a 8th grader assignment, therefore, nothing to elaborate please.

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