15 pages literature review (dissertation literature review ) in apa

Posted: November 19th, 2021

I am looking for someone to write a LITERATURE REVIEW (Dissertation Literature review ) in APA style. this is related to petroleum or we can say oil reservoir. The topic is about the “tarmat” on oil reservoir which i need someone to review many SPE papers, articals, and other research. Also, i have to many materials that i will upload to you to help you to write my (Literature review). Also, i need you to write the refrence for each paper in APA style. They are 19 SPE and articals papers that i want you to review. 

Note: I want someone who is really familiar with writing (Dissertation Literature review ) in APA style. Also, the total pages for this project should be between 10 to 15 pages which is based on your summary of each paper. The purpose of this assignment is to review each paper and write what they have done (objectives, purpose of their work, and other important things that you may include).

I have attached a world document as an example of what i am looking for which it will help you to know about what i am looking for.

I am willing to pay $10 per page. which will be $150 for 15 pages.

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