Answer 5 music questions……due tomorrow….. please read first

Posted: November 19th, 2021

This is due tomorrow by 10pm California time……if you accept to do you will have this done by the deadline. 

Task: Answer the 5 music questions below. At least 3 sentences for each. 

  1. What are some traditional aspects of northern Ecuadorian highland Quichua material culture and music culture?

2. How is the African-Ecuadorian sanjuán “Me gusta la leche” actually an example of a hybrid music?

3. What are two musical instruments, mentioned and heard in this chapter, whose “ancestors” go back at least two hundred years, in the Andes of South America?

4. How is the Andean music ensemble now truly an international phenomenon?

5. What is the song “El aparecido” about, and how does it fit both within the Nueva Canción movement in Latin America and within larger traditions of Latin American song?


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