Building an innovation portfolio project

Posted: November 19th, 2021

Learning Outcome: This project will demonstrate how you can select, organize and present a range of innovation initiatives that align with a venture’s mission to guide on-going development priorities of selected innovation initiatives. As a founding entrepreneur or a lead innovator within a larger company, an innovation portfolio communicates an understandable approach that would convince a funding source (either a form of venture capital, an internal venture review board within a larger business, or a crowdfunding population) to support it.

Guidance: Select an existing company as a source for innovation initiative that would be part of an innovation portfolio. As an analogy, think of these innovations like you would select stocks and create an investment portfolio. Some suggested ways to organize the innovation initiatives might be: by stage of their development; by their potential economic impact or profitability; by the level of financial capital they would require; by the kinds of technical talent they would require; or by the level of internal sponsorship they might require. No doubt, in addition to these, you will have specific considerations you will add. 

Advice: Draw from the resource material in our course modules. Be inquisitive and do bold internet searching for other examples that could be helpful. Show types of innovation initiatives and their portion in an overall firm portfolio. A pie chart would be helpful to illustrate this. Be sure that informative narratives describe each of the innovations in the portfolio.

Deliverable: This project is expected to yield about 5 single-spaced pages including references. Graphics, charts, etc. should be included within this page count.

Examples of parts of prior Innovation Portfolio assignments are here: Exemplary portrayals of Innovation Portfolios.docxPreview the document

Rubric: Here’s how we will review and evaluate this project: Rubric_663_Building an Innovation Portfolio-1.docxPreview the document


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