Deep dive in packet analysis using wireshark and network miner:

Posted: November 19th, 2021


The additional info will be provided. 


  1. Viewing Protocols with Wireshark – Step 18 – Telnet Login
  2. Viewing Protocols with Wireshark – Step 24 – Echo
  3. Parsing Objects with Wireshark – Step 12 – Challenge 2, 3, and 4 Complete
  4. Using Network Miner – Step 6 – Usernames and Passwords
  5. Using Network Miner – Step 12 – Challenge 5 and 6 Complete

 To complete this assignment, review the prompt and grading rubric in the Lab Guidelines and Rubric document. Refer to the Course Lab Guidelines document to view the screenshots you will need to take to complete this lab. Screenshots must include your name and date.  

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