Final draft | Literature homework help

Posted: November 19th, 2021

listen ill send the work I’ve done related to the final draft cause To make this project more manageable, the professor made it 6 stages throughout the course of the semester i finished 5 ill send it to you so you can have a look plus there is some comments on my rough draft from my professor and class mates like what to do right and if there is any errors read that too the topic is about : the name of the wind . I’ve sent you the instruction and all the 5 stages i worked on the only thing you have to work on is the final draft but before doing it you have to go through the work I’ve done there will be three attachments of my class mates where i wrote i peer review on their rough draft  the rest is all my work . there is 3 screenshots 1 comment from the professor on my rough draft work and 2 from students. If your gonna continue the draft from my rough draft just make sure to rewrite the introduction and conclusion and then work on it perfectly on the rest of it.

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