Geography quiz 2 | Geography homework help

Posted: November 19th, 2021

1. What does the term “Physiological density” as applied to human population mean?

2. Even though older populations are growing in wealthier countries, younger workers do not have to worry about higher taxes to provide essential services for the elderly. True or False

3. Explain push and pull factors and share how they influence contemporary migration. 

4. Summarize the main stages of the demographic transition and the reasons why a society moves from one stage to another.

5. Country X has a crude birth rate of 42 and a crude death rate of 17, while Country Y has a crude birth rate of 20 and a crude death rate of 5. Which country has a lower natural increase rate?
a. Country Y
b. Country X
c. The rate is the same in both countries
d. The rate can’t be computed

6. The European model of culture is becoming pervasive throughout the world in all of the following areas except
a. Consumer goods
b. Religion
c. Architecture
d. Industrial technology
e. Education and housing

7. What is the substitution of one set of cultural traditions for another either by force or by degrading those who fail to acculturate and by rewarding those who do is called____________.

8. Why do leaders of some developing countries fear the loss of folk customs? 

9. What is the largest single Christian denomination in the world today?

10. Languages that are related by descent from a common proto-language make up a
a. Language family
b. Language group
c. Cluster of languages
d. Language region
e. Family of dialects

11. Name the five pillars of Islam.

12. All languages are written with alphabets. True or False

13. What are the three monotheistic religions in the order in which they were established?

14. Compared to shifting cultivation, intensive subsistence agriculture is characterized by which of the following?
a. Smaller farms
b. Higher agricultural density
c. Greater use of animal power
d. All of the above

15. Subsistence farming is designed mainly to generate products for sale off the farm. True or False

16. Rich nations have subsidized their own farmers so generously that they can export or dump subsidized food on the poorer countries. True or False

17. Forests
a. Store carbon that otherwise would be in the atmosphere
b. Absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.
c. Reduce erosion and aid in flood prevention
d. All of the above

18. When sewage is added to a river, one effect is an increase in dissolved oxygen levels. True or False

19. What is temperature inversion, and how does it affect urban air pollution problems?

20. The world geography of both minerals and energy supplies reveals that the countries that have the most of any resource are not necessarily those that produce the most; the countries that produce the most do not necessarily consume the most; and the key to wealth is the ability to use resources. True or False 

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