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Posted: November 19th, 2021

 This is due November 24, 2017 Before 11:59 pm that is central time. This is a history 1302 class writing assignment please no plagiarism, I will definitely check so .. also the topic of this research paper is  The impact of English settlement on the native communities . This is what my instructor approved my topic of. Please make note of that of the topic for this research paper

Instructions below:

IResearch Paper Instructions

Must  be from an American History topic from the period covered by the course  and approved by instructor. (1301 covers pre-Columbian America to  1865).  4-6 typed pages in length in a 12 point font and double spaced.   Failure to meet minimum length will result in multiple letter grade  point reduction.  Bibliography and Cover page are not counted for  length, nor do pictures, lists or any tertiary or non-related  information.  Format must be Turabian or Chicago.  Cite sources, number  pages, and provide name and class information.   Student must have at  least three sources, none  of which may be the textbook or instructor lecture. Sources must be of  good quality (no wikis or entertainment websites) and include authors or  be attached to academic journals. Papers must be turned in through the  Turn-it-In link on the class webpage, failure or refusal to do so will  result in an automatic ZERO for the paper.

You  will be expected to conclude the paper with a conclusion that  summarizes events and makes a moral judgement about those events  answering the questions: 1. Were those behind the events demonstrating  personal responsibility?  2. Did reason and morality play a role in the  important choices made?  3.Would you have made the same decision if you found yourself in the position of the decision maker(s)?  Why or why not? 4.If you would have acted differently, how so and why? 

Reference Turabian Guide.docxPreview the documentView in a new window

and Example Paper.docxPreview the documentView in a new window

and When to cite.docxPreview the documentView in a new window

or contact the instructor if you have a question regarding format.

 I will grade all discussion paper using the attached rubric: History Research Papers Rubric.docxPreview the documentView in a new window

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