Research paper part ii (literature review) i will attached 1 research | social work | Kansas State University

Posted: November 19th, 2021



  •  Integrate what you learn from each of these studies, and summarize the strengths and limitations of this research in your area of interest. In this section, discuss the relationship between what you learned from the empirical literature review and practice wisdom. Other topics you may address in this section of the assignment include the role of theory in the research you reviewed, the significance of this body of knowledge as a whole for social welfare policy and/or social work practice, and the inclusiveness of various sub-groups in the study samples.
  •  Provide a brief summary of “what we know” from the research you reviewed. Then identify what we don’t know on the basis of the empirical literature to date. Does the research you reviewed adequately answer the research question(s) you formulated in Part I of this assignment? For some groups of people or everyone? In one place or many places? Under what conditions? What additional studies need to be planned to further our knowledge in your area of interest?
  •  Given what you have learned, provide a description of gaps in empirical knowledge, and how these gaps could be addressed in the future. How could the research you have reviewed, and your identification of knowledge gaps, impact social work practice? How could future research be informed by social work practice?

Format and other requirements: Assignment #4b (Part II) should be no longer than 10 typed pages, 12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced with one-inch margins. Citing sources of information is required in this assignment. Be sure to provide full APA formatted references. 

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