Week 3 and week 4 discussion

Posted: November 19th, 2021

I need Six Paragraph for each. around 600 words for each Discussion.

Week 3 due in 24 hours and week 4 by Monday

Attached Reading is for Discussion 4

Forum 3:

 (Also visit: http://norml.org/) Why do you think marijuana is such a popular drug? What are some of the alleged benefits of using marijuana? What are some of the risks and negative effects associated with marijuana? What are the main reasons why some individuals and organizations propose marijuana decriminalization? Explain whether or not you think that marijuana should be decriminalized or legalized, and why. 

Forum 4: 

 Why is corruption so important for gangs and cartels? What unique problems do corrupt law enforcement officials pose? Why is corruption more severe in Mexico than in the U.S.? How would/could you control corruption within a law enforcement agency or government when billions of dollars are available? Discuss the impact of corruption on the U.S. side of border. 

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