Part 1: compare and contrast 2 megacities. in your own words answer

Posted: July 18th, 2022

Part 1: Compare and contrast 2 megacities. In your own words answer the question, “Can the earth support all of these megacities?”  How do you foresee environmental problems such as water, air pollution, and climate change in urban areas? What does a sustainable city look like? Can you see yourself living in one?

Part 2:
 explain the Malthusian debate. Explain the controversy around population control. Can the world sustain such a huge population growth?

Part 3: 

 what are the three most important technological changes that occurred in your lifetime? Explain why they were so important and what impact they have on your life now. What the benefits and what are the cons to the use of technology. If you now looked at your parents or grandparent what technological changes have impacted them and how did affect their lives?

300 words only

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