Analyzing everyday life: everyday class consciousness

Posted: July 29th, 2022

analyzing everyday life: everyday class consciousness 

select  3 people in a public place to evaluate then write three pages essay describing your observation and answering the questions in the preceding paragraphs   

1- What did you look at to make evaluation- height weight, race, gender, hairstyle, tattoos, piercings, watch, make up?

2- perhaps dress style, colors,fabrics, logos on T-shirt ,hat. purse, shoes, jewelry?

3- did you notice anything else, such as posture, voice or mannerisms?

4- if you observed someone outdoors , did you see the car he or she was driving/

5-what was its make, age condition?

6-Did you notice other status clues a laptop , smartphone a baby strollers or shopping bags?  

7- How did the place itself influence your guess      

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