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Posted: July 29th, 2022

Transphobia Assignment # 2: Cisgender: Write a letter to someone very important to you and “come out” to them that you are transgender.You will not mail this letter. Think about what feelings this elicited for you and why you chose the person you did. How does homophobia, transphobia, androsexism, and heterosexism play a role in your own reactions to the letter and to your imagined reactions to the letter from the person it was written to? After this thoughtful process, write an essay which uses a gender analysis of your own observations about this exercise. Please attach the letter in an appendix. Transgender: You may describe and analyze your own coming out or some trans political activity in which you are currently involved. This paper does NOT require a works cited page, although citing our guest lecturer is appropriate. It is due before class on Day 10 (5/22) in the drop box in D2L.




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