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Posted: July 30th, 2022

paper instruction 

style MLA

2 pages 550 

work type artical review 

subject community heatlh 

paper instructions 

For this Critical Health Review, read the Health at Every Size ArticlePreview the document View in a new window by Linda Bacon. This article focuses on the research behind HAES and how it can help us to better understand misunderstandings with obesity.

Read the following in depth:

*Introduction (Opening paragraph and Health at Every Size: A Review of Randomized Controlled Trials – Pg 1-2)
*Assumption – there are 7 assumptions. Select 2 to read in depth
*Health at every size: shifting the paradigm from weight to health (Pg 6-8)

Once you have thoroughly read this article summarize the research that refutes the 2 assumptions you chose to review. In addition include: 

*Why is focusing on obesity different than focusing on negative health behaviors such as inactivity or poor nutrition?
*What is one argument for and one argument against the Health at Every Size model?
*How is the Health at Every Size model different from the traditional ways that we address obesity in this country?

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